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Any talk of fair membership prices, loyalty to hardcore porn fans and an impressive seven thousand plus scenes across more than 30 sites is going to inevitably bring about a mention of Reality Kings. There is a fairly accurate assumption about porn networks and the relatively generic offerings most tend to bring to their many clients, utilizing similar tools and hooks to attract new users.

However anyone that has had the opportunity to look at the members area is likely to draw a different conclusion with regards to this network’s conformity to typical standards, what with the unbelievable amount of quality content that is immediately available to users. The offering makes any price they charge worth paying just to indulge in the many perks of membership. RK isn’t just another porn network; it is a leader in the industry, with its content common place across the internet; even with the nature of the exclusive scenes they offer, is diligent in updating their sites on a daily basis. You can expect to find at least two or three new scenes or episodes everyday of the week.

reality kings discounts

These updates only act to make the membership option that much more attractive, the daily updates merely complimenting the several thousand scenes that are already contained within the massive archive. It matters little how much experience one has surfing for adult material; within the membership offering, one is looking at more than 3 dozen sites of exclusive content, photos and scenes in all manner of niches.

The girls are worth commending; over six thousand of these beauties waiting to play out all your fantasies, availing over 4000 hours worth of video. Be it anal or threesomes, there are no reasonable tastes that the network will not seek to satisfy. The reason RK has managed to achieve its current popularity is partly because of its consistency, the network endeavoring to ensure that quality as well as quantity persists across all premium sites.

Navigation is just as easy, and mastery over one site should leave you knowledgeable enough to navigate and access all sites. The interface is constructed with simplicity in mind. And content can be utilized either by viewing it through the live stream flash payer or downloading it onto your device in one of several available formats. Depending on one’s need, the Reality Kings Network offers up scenes and episodes either as short clips or full length videos, this including screen capture galleries. A thumbnail gallery is provided for HQ photos and it can be downloaded as a whole in zip format at anytime. Members have the option of bookmarking scenes to be viewed at a later date, the available search tools making for easier access to the content which can be categorized by model

The Reality Kings discount endeavors to provide the total package within a singular membership fee; one might almost consider this site to be the perfect porn network, so much so that the few dated videos and stagnant sites do little to dull its luster.